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At the Ferny Hills Swimming Pool we offer a comprehensive squad program for all levels of swimming. We offer four squads, ranging from junior development squad to our National level squad

Squad Program

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Squad Program


The Ferny Hills Pool Swim Squad Program consists of four distinct levels of instruction. Training groups are arranged into levels according to the swimmer’s abilities. The coaching staff assesses all swimmers in order to determine the appropriate training group.

ORIENTATION SQUAD - The number one priority at this stage is skill development. A relatively high degree of effort will be devoted to efficient stroke development including a range of drills as opposed to physical conditioning. As well as refining strokes the swimmers will learn and practice the butterfly stroke. Dives turns, training routines e.g. interval training with pace clock and sprinting are also a priority.


DEVELOPMENT SQUAD - squad swimmers will refine all strokes with the use of technical drills. The medley phase of training is a high priority in this group. As well as dives, starts, and turns. Development Squad will also introduce medley turns.


INTERMEDIATE SQUAD - Although a greater emphasis is placed on physical conditioning at this level, the top priority continues to be refinement and development of good technique. At this stage of training all swimmers should be able to swim each stroke with sound technique, assuming this to be true it is appropriate to introduce the following: - Aerobic Phase - Anaerobic Phase - Speed Phase - Adaption Phase


STATE & NATIONAL SQUAD - The number one priority for this level will be centred on a highly specialised physical conditioning program. Mental training and race preparation will also be emphasised to a greater extent than any other level.



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